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Superior material NXT is perfect eye protection.

ICRX NXT is RX sunlens with high optical quality leading high performance.


​Superior toughest material for lens, NXT

The material was born as military protector!


NXT material was originaly developped as a protector in  a part of US military project.
NXT RX lens can protect your eyes from unexpected incidents during various sports or even in delivery life.

Bullet was shot from 1m distance to 3.0cm thick material used for NXT. You can see how tough it is comparing with polycarbonate which was crashed.

Minimal distortion and blurring

Accurate object recognition and clear vision with less fatigue.



Proved chemical and Aging resistance

​Excellent resistance to alcohol and aceton.

NXT has high checmical resitance. It does not break with alchol and acetone.  It is tough also to many items you may use daily, such as hair spray, cosmetic items, oils, gasoline or dyes.  Since 2020, demand of NXT is increasing among medial care workers who use alcohol more often.


High agin resistance by special technology


Unlike strandard surface tinted color lens, ICRX NXT uses confined tint casting technolgy to add color or photochromic dyes.  It does not fade or lose color or features from small scratches through everyday use.  Also it cuts UV light >99.99%.

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